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Media Articles
These links are from various journals, magazines, and online media outlets. For up-to-date News headlines, go to In the News.

St. Petersburg Times, 9/12/1999
Important!Know Where a Neighbor's Gun Is? Your Kid Just Might
An article touching on ways to ask friends, neighbors, and relatives about how guns are stored in their homes.

The Christian Science Monitor, 3/12/2001
Important!Where School Shooters Get Their Guns
As the number of school shootings continues to grow, topped by last week's tragedy in San Diego, several patterns have emerged: The shooters were often bullied. Many told classmates about their plans ahead of time. And - as in the case of alleged 15-year-old shooter Andy Williams - the vast majority got their guns from their own homes or that of a relative.

The Washington Post, 6/25/2001
7 Ways to Cope With Bullies
This collection of articles and resources gives seven ways to cope with bullies. It provides information about bullying in schools and how it is affecting kids. For parents and teachers, the article provides early warning signs that a child might be a bully and what to do if a child you know is being bullied.

Newsweek, 8/18/1999
America Under the Gun: The New Age of Anxiety
This Newsweek cover story includes results of a Newsweek poll as well as links to articles on school violence, mortality figures, and Americans' attitudes toward guns.

The Washington Post, 6/3/2001
Are Teens Just Wired That Way?
Neuroscientist Jay Giedd noticed that teen brains appeared to change in unexpected ways as the youths matured through adolescence. Giedd realized that the most dramatic shifts around puberty occurred in the front of the brain, in an area believed crucial for advanced mental functions such as reasoning, making judgments and self-control.

CNN, Updated Regularly
Are U.S. Schools Safe? A CNN Special Report
This website, started after the Columbine shooting, contains links to CNN, Time, and other stories concerning school violence and school safety.

Daily Southtown (Chicago), 4/24/2000
Chicago Report Supports National Study on Guns, Kids and Suicide
More than half the child suicides committed in Cook County in the last 16 years have been carried out with firearms, an ongoing study shows. The compilation of child suicide statistics reflects the findings of a similar study recently released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Boston Parents' Paper, 8/1/1999
Guns in Your Homes and Others (excerpt)
Read what a Boston parents magazine says about talking to your kids about gun safety and safely storing firearms and ammunition.

The New York Times (free registration required), 10/17/1999
Guns Used More for Suicide than Homicide
The New York Times summarizes the 1997 National Vital Statistics Report and concludes: With the homicide rate down sharply since the early 1990s, the number of Americans who commit suicide with guns each year now far surpasses those who are killed by others with firearms, government statistics show.
Guns: A Hidden Danger
This article tells of how one mother, after the shooting in San Diego, took the extra step to talk to another mother about the guns in the home, before her daughter played in the woman's house.

The Columbus Dispatch, 2/20/2000
If Playmate's Home Holds Gun, Parents Should Know
"How embarrassing -- confronting a stranger about his gun. Asking him about something that he has the right to own and use. But I did the right thing. From that day on, I knew there was a gun in that house, and I knew that it was locked up tight."

U.S. News and World Report, 8/9/1999
Inside The Teen Brain: Young Minds Are Still Taking Shape
This article provides reasons why the brain and other chemical changes in the brain are responsible for the sudden changes in a teenager's behavior from not wanting to go to school, playing loud music, and not listening to parents., 2/19/2000
Keeping Guns Out of Kids' Hands
Would you ever think of asking the parents of your child’s best friend if they have a gun in their house? It’s something you ought to know, because there’s a gun in two out of every five American households. And in 20 percent of those households, the guns are kept unlocked and loaded.

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 4/22/1999
Keeping Kids Safe
A discussion with 4 award-winning teachers on ways to help troubled teens.

Washington Post, 3/8/2000
Key Brain Growth Goes on Into Teens
Scientists have discovered that the brain undergoes surprisingly dramatic anatomical changes between the ages of 3 and 15. A research team reports the amount of gray matter in some areas can nearly double within as little as a year, followed by a loss of unneeded cells as the brain continues to organize itself.

Connect for Kids, 3/2/2000
Kids and Guns: A Special Edition
This special edition of the Connect for Kids Weekly tells you how you can get informed and ways you can take action to protect kids from guns. You can find ideas for community organizing, resources on violence and crime prevention, and more on the Connect for Kids Web site.

The Huntsville Times, 6/10/2001
Parental Influence Early in Childhood Crucial to Helping Gun Safety Issue (column)
The author talks about the role guns and gun safety play in his household, which includes his 3-year-old son and five-year-old daughter.

The Christian Science Monitor, 5/26/1999
Parent-to-Parent: Is the Gun Safely Stored?
In the wake of recent school shootings, Jody Pawel is advising and encouraging parents on how to talk to one another about guns at home.

Detroit News/Los Angeles Times, 6/27/2001
Prosecutors Are Pressing Charges Against Owners Who Don't Secure Weapons
There are more than 30 million loaded, unlocked guns in American homes, the Justice Department estimates. For many, the loaded gun is a comfort. It's on the nightstand, in a dresser, in a briefcase in the closet. But now, prosecutors across the nation are beginning to press charges against gun owners who fail to secure their weapons.

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children
New!Recognizing the Signs of a Grieving Child
by Rebecca Roberts Konarz, MSW, LSW
This article offers warning signs of a child affected by a traumatic experience or event that resulted in the loss a loved one. It points out the signs for two age groups: infants/preverbal toddlers and those children who are toddlers, preschoolers, and school age.

Connect for Kids, 4/20/2000
Safer Communities, Safer Kids
Schools are one of the safest places where kids spend their time, but fears for student safety have increased in the wake of school tragedies. As we mourn the lives lost and damaged by violence each year, we must take the opportunity to move beyond individual tragedies and reflect on ways we can strengthen our children, our families and our communities.

Connect for Kids, 4/3/2000
Spotlight on Guns
Pediatricians Strengthen Call for Removing Guns from Homes . . . Child Welfare League Reports on Children and Guns . . . Guns Exempt from Product Safety Oversight . . . Tips for Parents

Pathfinders Publishing
New!Talking About the Loss of a Brother or Sister
by Janis Harris Lord
This article provides help on how to talk about the loss of a child or sibling in the family. It suggests that it is best for families to grieve together, and offers sound advice on how to heal together.

The Tennessean (Nashville), 1/22/2002
Teen Suicide Can Be Prevented If Signs Recognized
This article focuses on a high school student who committed suicide with a firearm. It looks at warning signs and how his family and friends are coping.

U.S. News and World Report, 8/9/1999
Teens and Adults Don't Always See The Same Signals
Teens and adults truly do not think alike. This article shows that when adults and teens are shown pictures of fearful faces, the adults correctly guessed the emotion, whereas at least some of the teens guessed wrong once.

ABC News Primetime
The Lure of a Gun: Why Can't Kids Resist?
An ABC PrimeTime experiment showed that many teenagers, including those who had recently received warnings to stay away from guns, played with a gun, aimed it at other teens, and agonized over whether to tell an adult. The experiment suggests what some clinical studies have shown: Teenagers who claim to understand the danger of guns and say they would do the right thing if they found one are in fact so seduced by the sight of a gun that they cannot resist the urge to touch it.

USA Today, 4/4/2000
USA Today Puts Together List of Violence in Schools
USA Today compiles a list of school violence since 1993 taken from news accounts, the National School Safety Center, the Center for Disease Control, and staff reports.

Healthy Kids
Violence in Schools: Explaining Tragedy
Advice on how to talk to kids about violence in schools.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/21/1999
When Communities Try to Figure Out Causes of Violence, a Sense of Isolation Always Surfaces
Few contemporary topics are as troubling as school violence. To advance the discussion and in the search for ideas about prevention, Imagine St. Louis turned to Harriet Grazman, who has counseled hundreds of students and adults and is a former elementary school teacher in University City. Bibliography and on-line resources included at end of article.

The Washington Post (Kids Post), 3/7/2001
When Telling Isn't Tattling
Made for kids, this article explores the importance of informing an adult if a peer is carrying a weapon or is threatening to bring a weapon into school. This article was written to highlight the significance of telling an adult, after friends of the Santee, California gunman say that he told them he was planning to shoot students at their school near San Diego, California.
Your Teen's Brain: It Really Is Different!
This article shows that teens and adults do not think alike because a teen's brain does not have the capability to do so. This is caused by the amygdala, an almond-shaped part of the brain that controls how teens make rational decisions.

Resources by Subject
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- Grief and Coping
- Gun Injury and Mortality
- Gun Storage
- Schools
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- Talking with Your Kids
- Talking with Your Neighbors
- Teen Brain Development
- Youth Violence
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