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Family Stories
Gun injury, suicide, and firearm accidents have touched many lives. The following links are Online Postings and published stories about people whose lives have been affected when unsupervised access to guns led to death or injury.

To post your own Family Story of accidental gun death, injury, or suicide, click here.

The Seattle Times, 10/8/2000
Important!Mothers of Seattle boys involved in accidental shooting speak out
Last spring, Jake Sheehan accidentally shot his best friend Jared Davidson. Now each mother speaks about forgiveness and the healing of two children.

Important!The Crowells
In December 1997, Ann Marie Crowell lost her son when he was accidentally shot by a friend with a loaded gun.

Online Posting, 11/13/2003
' My Cousin '
Over the summer, I heard about my cousin. Which, he had died because of 2 guys. The guys didn't like

Online Posting, 8/19/2000
Bullets shot in air end up damaging functions of honor student
Joseph Jaskolka was an Honor Student, J.V. Football Quarterback, Karate Black Belt and all- around pro.

Online Posting, 4/14/2000
Carelessness almost led to tragedy
This is a true story: I went to my brothers house on new years eve. I usually do, but this year . . . .

Online Posting, 4/14/2006
Drew was one of the greatest people I have ever known. I met him when i was in 1st grade and he was

Online Posting, 4/15/2006
Drew was always smiling, he always made jokes to people, he always found a way to make me laugh. We

Online Posting, 2/1/2002
My grandson was visiting with a friend when a .22 caliber rifle was taken out for an unknown reason.

Online Posting, 11/16/2000
Gun Injury
My son was at a school sleep over and after a basketball game he went outside with his two friends.

Online Posting, 11/6/2002
On halloween 1972 I was very excited because I was going to be able to trick or treat on my own for

Online Posting, 12/29/2002
He took hunters safety?!
My 14 year old son shot and killed him self at the hands of his fathers his fathers house.

Online Posting, 2/1/2000
I lost my son
My 11-year-old son killed himself with his .22 rifle . . . .

Online Posting, 6/2/2001
I lost my son to reckless horseplay
Losing Joshua, how do I begin to tell this story? The pain that has filled the past three years

Online Posting, 5/1/2000
I Lost My Son, My Best Friend
My son, Morgan, died from a bullet straight through the heart - at a boy's home . . . .

Shirley Stageberg (as published in The Oregonian), 5/1/2003
I never want to see another child shot
My 12-year-old son, Darin, was shot by his friend, but survived. Now, I never want to see another child shot.

Online Posting, 7/28/2001
I still remember...
the day it happened. That day when my brother-in- law came down and said "Joshua was shot" my 13 year

Online Posting, 2/9/2000
I was responsible for my son's death
I was always a staunch believer in never having a gun in my home, but in June of 1997 . . . .

Online Posting, 10/17/2005
In loving memory of Drew
On Sept. 3, 2005 my 12 year old nephew was shot by his friend. He was accidentally killed by a shotgun wound.

Online Posting, 6/10/2001
Jordon's Last Day
My nephew Jordon Graves, was seven. He and his 9 year old brother along with a 2 year old brother w

Online Posting, 9/25/2000
Just a Blank
A friend of mine lost his son, at the age of sixteen. While at his best friend's house Michael was...

Sean O'Sullivan/The Washington Post, 8/13/2000
Little Brother Lost
A journalist reflects on dealing with his younger brother's suicide.

Online Posting, 11/14/2005
Lock It Up!
While my children were young, I always feared guns. My son was five years old at the time and shot

Online Posting, 4/24/2003
Losing my best friend
On Friday 04-18-03, my friend Sahil tagged along with his sister. They went to a friend's house. A

Online Posting, 5/2/2003
Missing you...>
My best friend and like a sister to me has been killed, by a gunshot wound to her head. She dies in

Online Posting, 2/9/2006
on january 29. 1997 i lost my son. jeremey paul johnson was 14yrs.3mon,15 days. he was shot in the

Online Posting, 10/9/2005
Mother of Gunshot Victim - Katie Weyer
On July 6, 2004 our lives were changed forever. Our beautiful daughter was the victim of an accidental shooting.

The Oregonian, 6/11/2000
Mother Shares Sad Lessons of Brothers Left with a Gun
Clayton was 7 years old and Casey was 5 on Oct. 10, 1998, when Jaylene dropped her two boys off at a friend's house around 10:30 a.m. before heading to her job. Jaylene is only now able to talk about the gun and what happened a year and a half ago. She said it's still very hard for her and Clayton, but she said she doesn't want the accident to be forgotten and wants people to understand the dangers of guns in the home.

Online Posting, 3/21/2003
My 16 year old sons loss to suicide
My 16 year old son Richie, ended his life while on the phone with his girlfriend on September 21, 20

Online Posting, 1/18/2006
My big brother was accidentally shot and killed, when his best friend pointed a gun at his head that

Online Posting, 8/6/2002
My Child Hood Friend
My friend Matthew was 12 years old at the time and our family were very close and I knew him for practically my whole life. He was a really nice and fun loving person.

Online Posting, 4/15/2006
My First Born Baby,DREW ALLEN BUSH
I allowed my son to stay at a so called friends house on a friday not knowing on saturday he would n

Online Posting, 6/11/2006
My Son
On June 5,2006 my 10 year son and his ex-step brother were with there grandfather. He(grandfather) l

Online Posting, 10/22/2001
My son's best friend shot him with a rifle left lying around
My name is Kris Crane and I lost my precious 13 1/2 year old son C.J. on February 19, 2001.

Online Posting, 2/16/2003
Richard H. Williamson IV's Suicide
It was between 11:00 and 11:45 p.m. on Thursday night, September 20, 2001. I stopped by the store a

Online Posting, 6/30/2002
small town tragedy
We moved to Glide Oregon in 1990, escaping a fast paced city in California.

Online Posting, 8/18/2001
The Day
On May 28,1994, Memorial Day weekend, at five thirty p.m., I dropped my 14-year-old son, Miguel at his...

Online Posting, 7/24/2002
The Day My Son Went Home
June 4, 2002. I hate that day. I thought my son was safe. He had spent the night with Chris, his

Online Posting, 12/18/2003
Tragic Accident
Last summer of 2003 my son bought a gun with his Father's permission. My son saved his money all su

Online Posting, 12/26/2003
We are all missing you, China.
On January 24, 2003, the most shocking and terrible news traveled throughout the small town I live i

Online Posting, 3/29/2004
You're Sucide Has Left Me in Shatters, Don't Let It Happen To You're Loved One
It is so hard to say, for there is so much I yet yearn to know, but fear I won't. My first cous

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