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Missouri Information

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Headlines from Missouri
  • Shelbina Missouri 13-year-old boy killed after playing with loaded gun (8/8/2006)
  • Kansas City Missouri boy, 17, shot while playing with gun in driveway (7/14/2006)
  • St. Louis boy, 13, shot and killed after finding loaded gun under mattress (10/23/2005)
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    Missouri Gun Laws
  • Quick summary from MSNBC, based on data from the NRA, HCI, and the ATF. Disclaimer.
  • More detailed information from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
  • State Firearm Deaths

    In 2003, there were 53 firearm deaths of children and teens in Missouri, including 18 suicides and 1 accident.
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    Missouri Resources

  • National SAFE KIDS Campaign
    Find the SAFE KIDS Coalitions in your state.
  • Statewide Resources
    Children's Mercy Hospital Center For Childhood Safety
       Contact: Lori Thomas,, 816-234-3438
    Missouri PTA, 800-328-7330, 573-474-8631
    Missourians Against Handgun Violence
       Contact: Anne Kelly Moriarty,, 314-803-1883
  • Other Local Resources
    Greater St. Louis - National Safety Council Local Chapter
       314-621-9200 x 21
    Kansas City - Parents of Murdered Children and Other
    Survivors of Homicide Victims
       Contact: Marge Wolfer,, 816-407-1752
    Springfield - Safety Council of the Ozarks
       417-869-2121, 800-334-1349
    St. Joseph - Safety and Health Council
    Western Missouri - Safety & Health Council of Western Missouri & Kansas
  • To be added as a State or Local Resource, email us.

    Gun Lock Programs
    To find a gun lock program near you:

  • Contact the State Resources (above) about gun lock programs in Missouri.
  • See if Missouri or your city is participating in Project ChildSafe and where you can get your free Firearm Safety Kit.
  • View our listing of Gun Lock Programs In the News
  • Contact your local police department.

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    State Law Summary Disclaimer
    The summary of state laws is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice or a re-statement of law.

    Please note: Common Sense and its endorsing organizations do not necessarily endorse all content stemming from the links provided in this page. All resources in these web pages are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice. Advice and opinions on mental health and other medical issues should be obtained through consultation with a licensed and trained professional.

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