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Our Partners Activities

National Crime Prevention Council, 2/15/2003
National Youth Summit on Preventing Violence
The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is having their National Youth Summit on Preventing Violence event February 15-18, 2003, in Anaheim, CA. This four-day event will combine hands-on learning with action. It is an opportunity to mobilize our nation's youth and involve them in changing the negative perception about youth and crime.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) , 9/26/2002
NCPC launches new initiative: the National Safety and Security Council (NSSC) and Be Safe & Sound
The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) launched their new initiative, the National Safety and Security Council (NSSC) and its Be Safe & Sound Campaign to demonstrate the need for immediate action of all those who are invested in the safety of children. Their initial focus is to mobilize parents, school officials, and policy makers to create safer and more secure schools across America.

APB News, 4/18/2000
Guns Claim 4,001 Lives in Year Since Columbine
The U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report today memorializing 4,001 victims of gun violence who died in the year following the Columbine High School massacre. The 4,001 names were collected from a survey of 100 cities, ranging in size from Chicago, with 2.7 million people, to Bedford Heights, Ohio, with about 11,800 people. All but eight of the cities reported a gun-related death. There was at least one gun death a day in the remaining 92 cities taken as a whole. Read report.

American Academy of Pediatrics, 4/3/2000
AAP addresses firearm-related injuries involving children
An updated AAP policy states, "Because firearm- related injury to children is associated with death and severe morbidity and is a significant public health problem, child health care professionals can and should provide effective leadership in efforts to stem this epidemic."

CNN, 3/22/2000
Peace of mind accompanies free gun locks
NSSF'S PROJECT HOMESAFE IN THE NEWS: See other gun lock programs.
Project HomeSafe is sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade organization. Participating cities receive free "Putting A Lock On Safety" kits paid for by contributions from companies participating in the Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Fund. Each kit includes a firearms safety curriculum, a cable-style gun lock and a lock instruction sheet. Project HomeSafe began six months ago. So far, 50,000 gun locks have been handed out in 30 cities nationwide. The program is aimed at distributing as many as 1 million locks over the next three years.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/19/2000
When lives are at stake, source of locks shouldn't matter (editorial)
When the National Shooting Sports Foundation showed up at City Hall in Shreveport, La., last year to peddle its wares, Liz Swaine's radar went up. A gun industry trade group giving away gun locks? What's the catch? Local officials though have come to the conclusion that no matter what the source, the one million gun locks being given away across America would probably save a life, or 10 or 100.

Baltimore Sun, 3/19/2000
Doctors urged to question kids about violence
Dr. Maxine Hayes, a member of AAP's task force on youth violence and health officer for the Washington State Department of Health, recently discussed the academy’s violence policy with the Baltimore Sun.

American Acedemy of Pediatricians, 3/10/2000
AAP Addresses Michigan Shooting
Gun violence continues to be a major public health epidemic. With the recent tragic shooting near Flint, Michigan, we are once again faced with the challenge of protecting our children against violence in schools. The AAP offers the following resources for parents, teachers, and young people to help educate them as to how they can best deal with the rampant and epidemic forces of violence in our society.

CNN/Associated Press, 3/7/2000
Pediatrics group calls for kids' violence counseling
Pediatricians should watch for warning signs of violence as they talk to children about guns and anger during routine checkups, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. "This is something that we need to try and start to deal with at very young ages," said Dr. Edward Cox, a member of the academy's Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine. Doctors should start even before a child is born, discussing with parents-to-be issues like guns in the home, family stress and discipline.


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