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Common Sense News

The Herald Democrat, 11/16/2006
Kids and guns in November
The Herald Democrat reflects on the month of November and several incidents where kids found guns inside the home. Some suggestions for parents are mentioned.

Casper (WY) Star-Tribune, 4/1/2003
Curiosity about guns can kill
Common Sense about Kids and Guns staff was interviewed for a companion piece that accompany a story of 14-year-old who killed himself playing Russian roulette.

The Greenville News, 2/22/2003
Gun storage up to officers, agencies say
Common Sense staff comments on the safe storage of guns after a police officer's child killed himself using his father's service weapon. It recommends that all parents store their guns separate from the ammunition.

The Detroit News, 6/21/2002
Group is voice for kids
The Detroit News does this profile of Common Sense in June 2002.

ABC/Children First, 2/1/2002
Talking to Kids About...Guns
ABC-TV's public service campaign "Children First" featured Common Sense about Kids and Guns in their February issue as part of the "Talking to Kids About..." series.

The Detroit News, 1/27/2002
Parents, gun groups back safety measures
A Detroit News article featured the Common Sense Safety Tips when talking about what parents can do to keep kids safe.

Creators Syndicate Inc., 11/20/2001
Ann Landers
Common Sense President Victoria Reggie Kennedy wrote to Ann Landers in response to a letter Ann printed from Charlton Heston about safe storage of weapons around children.

Mobile Register, 11/14/2001
Gun safety begins in home
After two gun accidents saw a five-year-old killed and another five-year-old injured, the Mobile Register ran this story spreading the Common Sense message.

Common Sense about Kids and Guns, 10/8/2001
CDC Reports Decline in Children’s Gun Deaths; Common Sense About Kids and Guns Applauds Responsible Parents But Warns There’s More To Do
Firearm deaths for children and teens have dropped significantly including an 18% reduction in the number of gun accidents and a 13% reduction in gun suicides among kids 0-19 years- old, according to new mortality data released by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Victoria Reggie Kennedy, president of Common Sense about Kids and Guns attributes the drop in deaths to more responsible gun owners and gun storage practices, but warns of continued risks for the future.

Common Sense about Kids and Guns, 9/19/2001
Common Sense responds to increase in first-time gun buyers after terrorist attacks
Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the President of Common Sense about Kids and Guns, issued the following statement in response to the increase in first- time gun buyers following the September 11th terrorist attacks: “As all Americans struggle to find an appropriate response to the tragic events of last week, Common Sense about Kids and Guns strongly urges all adults to exercise caution and engage in an honest assessment of their own personal family situations before deciding to bring a gun into the home."

Pointer View (U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY), 8/10/2001
The Child You Save May Be Your Own
The Common Sense Safety Tips are featured in this back-to-school edition of the military newsletter.

Navarre (FL) Press, 6/1/2001
Crime Stoppers - Crime Counts
Common Sense statistics are featured in an article about making your home safer for kids during the summer.

Common Sense about Kids and Guns, 3/24/2001
Common Sense President Makes Statement on School Shootings and Easy Access to Guns
Once again, a student has taken firearms and ammunition from home and used them in a school shooting. But as the complex issue of gun violence is debated, there is one thing we can do right now to protect our children from gun deaths and injuries: eliminate easy and unsupervised access to guns in the home.

Common Sense about Kids and Guns, 11/30/2000
Common Sense President Responds to "Add Health" Study
According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health (Add Health), it is impossible to predict gun-related violent behavior using race, income, or family structure. Coupled with national mortality statistics and emergency room statistics, the Add Health data show that we must not be lulled into a false sense of security by believing that gun-related deaths and injuries only occur in someone else’s family.

Reuters Health, 10/13/2000
Children at high risk of accidental gun death, suicide
Reuters Health interviews Common Sense President Victoria Reggie Kennedy about the statistics on gun accidents and suicides release by Common Sense in October 2000.

The Denver Post, 10/12/2000
Locking out tragedy (editorial)
The Denver Post editorial board uses statistics provided by Common Sense in an editorial encouraging parents to safely store, locked and unloaded, their firearms.

Midland Reporter-Telegram, 6/6/2000
Accidental shooting teaches vital lesson
The paper interviewed Victoria Reggie Kennedy after a local tragedy involving a three-year-old who built a makeshift stairway to the top of his parents' closet. The toddler found his father's loaded 9mm handgun and ended up shooting himself in the eye and killing himself.

Houston Chronicle, 5/23/2000
Houston residents jump at chance to keep kids safe
The City of Houston's Operation Safe and Secure distributed Common Sense about Kids and Guns safety tips magnets with their gun-lock distribution and gun buy-back program. Article includes interview with Vicki Kennedy and safety tips.

American LIFECARE, 4/3/2000
American LIFECARE announces affiliation with Common Sense
In the wake of a series of school shootings across the country, American LIFECARE-a regional managed care organization-today announced its affiliation with Common Sense About Kids and Guns. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, Common Sense About Kids and Guns is dedicated to heightening awareness of ways to reduce gun deaths and injuries to children.

American News Service, 3/10/2000
Group to promote gun safety for children
WASHINGTON (ANS) -- Gun control advocates and weapons manufacturers have joined together in an effort to promote practical safety tips that can save children's lives. Common Sense about Kids and Guns is readying a public education campaign that will use television, billboards and radio ads to push six safety tips that could make the difference between the life and death for a child.

The Detroit News, 3/10/2000
Kids learn gun safety
Common Sense President Victoria Reggie Kennedy points out the importance of parents in an article about teaching kids about guns., 3/3/2000
Kennedy on Child Gun Safety does a profile on Common Sense about Kids and Guns right after the tragic Michigan shooting in a first-grade classroom. "This terrible tragedy in Michigan breaks my heart. We have to join together now to stop the needless loss and destruction of young lives,’’ said Victoria Reggie Kennedy, co-founder and president of Common Sense About Kids and Guns., 2/19/2000
Keeping Guns Out of Kids' Hands
Would you ever think of asking the parents of your child’s best friend if they have a gun in their house? It’s something you ought to know, because there’s a gun in two out of every five American households. And in 20 percent of those households, the guns are kept unlocked and loaded.

Creators Syndicate Inc., 12/12/1999
Ann Landers
A letter to Ann from Victoria Reggie Kennedy asking for help in getting across an important message: concern for children has been lost in a debate between entrenched positions. Whatever our personal views may be, it is time to move forward and do something to protect children from gun violence.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), 10/12/1999
Gun safeguards for children
The name of a new initiative, "Common Sense About Kids and Guns," says it all. It is backed by a coalition made up of people who own and use guns and also by people who do not own them. Such an alliance is truly needed to establish a sensible middle ground for action to protect children from guns.

San Antonio Express-News, 10/11/1999
Finding common ground (editorial)
A campaign stressing gun safety in homes led by Victoria Reggie Kennedy, wife of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., has dissolved political differences.

Times-Record (Maine), 10/8/1999
Kids, guns and responsibility (editorial)
The legal wrangling, the ideological confrontations, the political squabbling will continue. This is an issue where compromise is as rare as a warm day in winter — which is why a new initiative called Common Sense about Kids and Guns is so heartening.

CNN, 10/7/1999
Sen. Kennedy's wife, 'Waltons' actress part of gun-safety group
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The wife of one of America's most famous politicians and one of the country's most famous TV mothers are part of a new organization promoting gun safety in homes with children. Common Sense About Kids and Guns includes both child-safety and gun-rights advocates. The organization is being led by Victoria Reggie, the wife of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D- Massachusetts).

USA Today, 10/7/1999
Unlikely union forms to protect kids from guns
WASHINGTON -- As Congress remains deadlocked over gun control, a diverse coalition of gun owners and nonowners has emerged to protect children from gun injuries and death. The group, Common Sense About Kids and Guns, brings together the opposing sides of the contentious gun debate in an effort to urge parents to take simple, precautionary measures.

States News Service, 10/7/1999
Victoria Kennedy, Wife of Senator, Launches Gun Safety Group
Victoria Reggie Kennedy stepped into the national spotlight for the first time in her seven-year marriage to Senator Edward M. Kennedy on Wednesday, announcing the formation of a non- partisan group seeking to reduce gun deaths and injuries among children.

Associated Press, 10/7/1999
Kennedy Opens Gun Safety Campaign
WASHINGTON –– Trying to avoid the political fire that comes with virtually any gun control debate, Victoria Reggie Kennedy has started a new campaign stressing gun safety at home.

The Boston Globe, 10/6/1999
Aiming At Kids With Guns (editorial)
In the frustrating search for common ground on the issue of gun control, one fact commands attention: There is a gun sitting in nearly half of American households with children. Although most everyone agrees that children should not have unsupervised access to guns, hundreds of children die each year in gun accidents alone.
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