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In the News

The Beaufort (SC) Gazette, 8/9/2007
Beaufort South Carolina boy, 17, accidentally shoots himself
A 17-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the leg while playing with a pistol and driving around in his car. He claimed that he was walking when someone else shot him but the evidence proved differently. The boy is facing charges and it is unclear where he got the gun.

WTOV-9 News (Steubenville, OH), 8/8/2007
Ohio teen accidentally shot by friend, 15
A 15-year-old boy accidentally shot his friend in the thigh while the boy was handling a gun. The victim was not seriously injured but the 15- year-old was charged with negligent assault.

Hope (Arkansas) Star, 8/8/2007
Hope Arkansas boy, 8, accidentally shoots and kills self
An eight-year-old boy accidentally shot himself while he was playing with a gun. He was at a friend's house when the gun fired and hit him in the chest. There were two others present at the time of the shooting and they are being questioned for more information.

The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, PA), 8/8/2007
Newwille Pennsylvania boy, 11, shot by young friend
An 11-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed by his friend while visiting family. Authorities say that there were several guns found in the home after the shooting. It is unclear if the residents or the boy who shot the gun with be charged.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/8/2007
Milwaukee three-year-old shoots boy, 6, with gun from home
A six-year-old boy was shot by a three-year-old girl after she found a gun behind the stove in the home where she was being babysat. The little boy was shot in the abdomen but is in stable condition. The owner of the gun is facing felony charges.

The Washington Post, 8/7/2007
Buena Vista Pennsylvania girl, 13, shoots father after years of abuse
A 13-year-old girl shot her father while he slept with a 12-gauge shotgun. The girl lived in a filthy, flea infested house and reported that her father had been abusing her for the last five years. Her brother, 14, was the only other person in the house at the time.

Wave 3 TV (Louisville, KY), 8/6/2007
Louisville Kentucky boy, 13, accidentally shoots and kills self
A 13-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head while playing with a rifle with other kids. The boy was visiting his grandfather, who was present at the time. It is unclear who was actually in the room and who the gun belongs to.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/6/2007
Atlanta 17-year-old girl accidentally shot by boy, 16
A 17-year-old girl was accidentally shot by her friend, 16, while he was "carelessly" playing with a gun. There were several teenage witnesses present at the time of the shooting. The boy has been charged with a felony and four misdemeanors.

The New York Times, 8/6/2007
Three Newark teens killed, one wounded in shooting at a middle school
Three teens, all ages 18 and 19, were shot and killed execution style outside of a middle school in Newark. Another teen was wounded. After shots were heard, witnesses immediately found the bodies already covered in white sheets. There are no suspects and the shooting is still under investigation.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans), 8/5/2007
New Orleans 12-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed by friend, 13
A 12-year-old was accidentally shot by his friend, 13, while the two were in a bulding hallway. The two were playing with a handgun when it accidentally fired and hit the boy in the chest. It is unclear how the boys obtained the gun.


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