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Parent Quiz
Check and see how you do at keeping your home and your children safe.
Family Stories
Read one family's tragic story of loss due to a child's access to guns.

Parent Quiz
We do so much to keep our kids safe from a myriad of harms.

Review this checklist, adapted from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, and remind yourself of all that you do now to keep your kids safe, and all that you can do.

(By responding to each question, and clicking on submit, you will be directed to additional parenting resources.)

  1. Our family buckles up on every car ride.Yes��No
  2. Our family wears bike helmets when bicycling.Yes��No
  3. Kids under 10 never cross streets alone.Yes��No
  4. Kids are always supervised in or near water.Yes��No
  5. Our family has discussed with our kids what to do if they encounter a gun.Yes��No
  6. Our home has working smoke detectors and we check the batteries monthly.Yes��No
  7. Our water heaters are set no higher than 120 degrees F to prevent scald burns.Yes��No
  8. If guns are in our home, they are kept unloaded and locked away. Yes��No
  9. Kids are prevented from falls from windows, stairs and playground equipment.Yes��No
  10. Household cleaners, medicines, and vitamins are stored out of young kids' reach.Yes��No
  11. Our home has emergency numbers near telephones and first aid supplies.Yes��No
  12. We are confident that these same safety measures have been undertaken at the places our kids visit or play, especially the proper storage of firearms.Yes��No

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