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Read one family's tragic story of loss due to a child's access to guns.

Family Stories Safety Tips Quiz Bulletin Board Explore the Kitchen As in many homes, the kitchen in our home is the center of a lot of activity. Stick a push-pin on the bulletin board, and you can read the postings or share your own thoughts about the very important issue of kids and guns. Home safety has many components. And though you should never touch a hot stove, if you touch ours, you will be connected to our home safety quiz and find out if you are doing all you can to keep your home safe. And while the kitchen is often a place to share fun stories, unfortunately, some family stories center around events involving kids and guns which invoke heartbreak instead of happy memories. Click on the paper on the table for some of these stories.

If you haven't done so, click the refrigerator magnet and see our safety tips refrigerator magnet. If you want one for your kitchen, you can receive one when you make a donation online. Or contact us if you would like to order a quantity to distribute through your organization.

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