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A letter from Common Sense president Victoria Reggie Kennedy.
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Letter From Our President

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the home of Common Sense about Kids and Guns. We hope that you will find our site interesting and informative about ways all adults can take personal responsibility to assure the safety of our children. In addition to our Common Sense Safety Tips, we have compiled an array of background materials, from newspaper headlines and statistics to a vast database of web resources to inform you about the importance of protecting children and teens from unsupervised access to guns. We also have provided a place for you to hear from other parents and share your own ideas about many of the issues that affect children today.

Common Sense and the unprecedented, diverse coalition of organizations endorsing our message of safety and responsibility have joined together because of one overarching principle: the safety and protection of our children is paramount. Although we may differ on some areas of public policy, we are united in our belief that we can best protect our children by addressing the issue of children and guns in a responsible and inclusive way.

After touring our home, we hope you will help Common Sense to spread its message. If we all follow and help to spread the Common Sense message, we can protect our children from gun deaths and injuries. Find out what you can do right now.

And remember: The child you save may be your own.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy,
President (bio)

P.S. Though Common Sense is endorsed by several organizations, our efforts are funded wholly by your support.� I hope you will support our efforts with a tax-deductible contribution.� Thank you.

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