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A letter from Common Sense president Victoria Reggie Kennedy.
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Our Activities

Common Sense about Kids and Guns is a public education organization that strives to educate the public about the risks of unsupervised access to guns by children and to encourage safe gun storage practices

We accomplish this by disseminating information through grassroots efforts; increasing public awareness through media outreach; establishing governmental, online, and corporate partnerships; and providing a national clearinghouse of information and a public forum on the issue.

Media Outreach
Worked with the producers of The John Walsh Show to highlight the important issue of safe gun storage in the home, September 2002.
Provided data, resources, and interviews to newspaper reporters, television producers, website developers, and editors around the country. See Common Sense In the News.
ABC-TV's public service campaign "Children First" featured Common Sense about Kids and Guns in their February issue as part of the "Talking to Kids About..." series, February 2002.
Partnered with Lifetime Television on a public service campaign in conjunction with a documentary which aired on June 18, 2001.
Letters from Common Sense to Ann Landers appear in newspapers nationally, December 12, 1999 and November 20, 2001.
Submitted Press Releases to national, local, and health editors which were carried by various media outlets.

Corporate Partnerships
Organized our first major fundraising event, Racing Against Time at F1 Boston in Braintree, Massachusetts, April 26, 2002. Celebrities Lily Tomlin ("The West Wing") and Mark Consuelos ("All My Children") came out to support our work.
Working with Robert Berning Productions to produce first television PSA for Common Sense.
Partnered with Rodman Ford (Foxboro, MA) to disseminate Common Sense information through their "Rodman Record" newspaper, Winter 2002.
Partnered with The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company to spread the Common Sense safety message in the northeatern United States, through a magnet distribution program and a feature in lifestyle magazine, their checkstand publication, May 2000 - April 2001.
American LIFECARE becomes education affiliate. They serve Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas and parts of Tennessee, Alabama and Texas.

Grassroots Efforts
Distributed more than 100,000 Common Sense Safety Tip magnets through pediatricians, nurses, teachers, day-care workers, social service agencies, sheriff/police departments, and gun safety programs.
Featured in newsletter of the Emergency Nurses Association, October 2002.
Victoria Reggie Kennedy discusses gun violence at Hadassah symposium, Framingham, Massachusetts, September 24, 2000.
Victoria Reggie Kennedy speaks on gun safety at the Southold Parents Club, Long Island, May 5, 2000.

Public Partnerships
Worked with the Early Childhood Information Clearinghouse at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to spread the Common Sense message in Idaho.
Worked with the City of Houston Mayor's Office in the implementation of their Operation Safe and Secure Campaign, May 2000.
Provided gun safety message to the Hubbard Township (Ohio) Police Department.

Online Partnerships profiled Common Sense about Kids and Guns right after the tragic Michigan shooting in a first-grade classroom, March 2000. featured the Common Sense about Kids and Guns safety message as their Parenting Tip of the Day, January 2002.
Baptist Online, the internet magazine of Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation in Memphis, TN features Common Sense safety tips, facts, and stories.

Getting Started
Incorporated in the District of Columbia as a 501(c)3 public education non-profit organization, May 1999.
Official organizational launch, October 1999.

- See photos of the press conference launch.
- Read articles about the launch from CNN and the Associated Press.
Established a national headquarters in Washington, DC, April 2000.

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