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A letter from Common Sense president Victoria Reggie Kennedy.
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Family Room
Explore the Family Room Please make yourself at home in our family room. Here, you can read a letter from our president, Victoria Reggie Kennedy. Steal a peek at our portrait, and you will learn about us by reviewing our mission statement. If you would like, sort through the pages on our coffee table to find out about the our founding coalition who support the Common Sense message. Tune in to the radio to find out about some of the activities, past and present, with which Common Sense has been involved. And of course, you can contact us with any questions or comments.

We at Common Sense want your family room to remain a safe place for children, so we urge you to read our safety tips and make safety a reality. Additionally, please consider a contribution to support our national advertising and public education programs that help spread Common Sense about Kids and Guns to family rooms everywhere.

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