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Learn about the Issue
Read our Common Sense Safety Tips.
Explore our Web Resources database.
Get the facts from our Fact File.
Read current headlines about kids and guns.
Look up state-specific facts, headlines, and resources.
See a Summary Table of National Firearm Deaths, for ages 0 to 19.
Look up firearm deaths by state (1996-2001): Read Family Stories of lives that have been affected when unsupervised access to guns led to death or injury.

Learn about Common Sense about Kids and Guns
Read the Common Sense mission statement.
Read our statement on kids and guns in the home.
Check out our current and past activities.
See the unprecedented, diverse coalition of organizations endorsing our message, or read a summary with press contact information for each organization.
Take a tour of our Common Sense home.

Press Releases
Opposing Sides of Gun Debate Join Forces for First Time Urging Adults to Use Common Sense to Protect Kids, Washington, DC, October 1999.
Common Sense Applauds Operation Safe and Secure Gun Safety Campaign, Houston, May 2000..
Gun Accidents and Suicides Increase among Kids, Common Sense releases troubling statistics on one-year anniversary of founding, October, 2000.
A Statement from Common Sense President in Response to the Add Health Study, Washington, DC, November 2000.
Common Sense President Makes Statement on School Shootings and Easy Access to Guns, Washington, DC, March 2001.
While We Try to Protect Ourselves and Our Families, Adults Must Take Responsibility to Prevent Easy Access to Guns, a statement from Common Sense President Victoria Reggie Kennedy in response to increased gun sales after terrorist attacks, Washington, DC, September 2001.
CDC Reports Decline in Children’s Gun Deaths; Common Sense About Kids and Guns Applauds Responsible Parents But Warns There’s More To Do, Washington, DC, October 2001.
School Shooting Spree in Indiana Thwarted by Properly Stored Firearms; Common Sense About Kids and Guns Applauds Responsible Parents, Indianapolis, Indiana, February 2002.
Still Too Many Preventable Gun Accidents and Suicides; New Data Shows 58% Increase in Accidental Shootings of Small Children, Common Sense President Victoria Reggie Kennedy responds to new mortality and injury numbers, Washington, DC, October 2002.

Set Up an Interview
Victoria Reggie Kennedy (bio), president of Common Sense about Kids and Guns, is available for interviews on the topics of parental responsibility, safe storage, and kids and guns in the home.

Press Contact: Paul Marchione, (202) 546-0200, email.

Paul can also put you in contact with Ann Marie Crowell, the mother featured in our print ad who lost her son when he was accidentally shot by a friend with a loaded gun.

Graphics and Photos
Download graphics from our graphics page, including a web photo of Mrs. Kennedy.
View the photos from the Common Sense about Kids and Guns official launch, October 6, 1999.

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