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mvc-002f.jpg (44813 bytes) Michael Learned (speaking) and Vicki Kennedy (back left).  "Look carefully at your child and think what could happen if he or she got a hold of your gun," said Michael Learned, gun safety advocate and former Mrs. Olivia Walton from the television show ‘The Waltons’. "Taking simple safety precautions is obviously worth the effort."

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"We hope to make unloading, locking and storing guns properly as automatic as buckling a safety belt," said Victoria Reggie Kennedy, co-founder and President of Common Sense and wife of Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA). "Our children depend on us to protect them. And while violence among young people is a complex issue, we can’t wait one more day to start doing what we can to keep our children safe."

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"It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are when it comes to keeping kids safe from unsupervised access to guns," said James E. Chambers, Executive Director of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute. "We all agree that we have a personal responsibility to protect our children. There are simple steps we can take that are just common sense.

mvc-010f.jpg (54515 bytes) Dr. Joel Alpert of The American Academy of Pediatrics said, "Kids have a right to grow up without being gunned down."

Click here to view the Press Release from the historic occassion.

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